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Default Have you seen these cards?

Last one turned in to a witch hunt/poop show. Please, dont turn this into a flame war. I am not looking for people to give the cards back...I've been on the phone at length with Paypal and one rep in particular has been a great help and if I can find these the buyer *should* be able to get a refund from the fradulent account. Yes, I know I am an idiot for making my half of the trade. Yes, I am aware people bought some of these in good faith and it is their choice to keep them but I would at least like to speak to them regarding this. I remember seeing the Lebron Limited Logos somewhere on here but forget who owned them. Any help is appreciated. If you have anything derogatory or negatively based interrogative questions please PM me and I'd be glad to answer anything for you. This thread was simply designed to locate the whereabouts of the cards and help those that owned them get refunds if they chose to do so. The missing cards not pictured have already been located and I'm currently in talks with the current owners trying to get everything squared away. Everyone has been very willing to send them back if a refund is given and I'm very appreciative of that.

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