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ricksam... one of the best trading experiences I've ever had on this forum. A few weeks ago, we spent almost an entire Saturday working a deal. Never felt like we were haggling or trying to beat each other down, just simply working a deal. We ended up trading multiple cards on both ends. Friendly, cordial, and fun... the way trading should be.

My very best trading experience.... I won't mention his name or the specifics of the deal (unless he doesn't mind being mentioned) but a certain Atlanta fan gave me an amazing deal with very generous payment options. In the half-year since we made the deal, I would dare say we've become 'friends' of sorts, even though we've never formally met. We send each other boxes (yes, boxes, not just bubble envelopes) of each others' respective teams and players back and forth, email to BS about cards and life in general, even exchange Christmas cards. Solid guy. Great guy.

Both the baseball card and BO gift card go to him if I'm picked.
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