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Originally Posted by tke96 View Post
No matter how you look at it, if it fills or not (it goes on either way)...
you have a 1 in 6 shot of getting a team that goes to the SB. So, 5 out of 6 times you walk with 20 autos, 2000 rookie cards, and an Eliminated team....but if you hit a SB team, then you are a happy camper.

This is a better deal than squares at your local bar where you could be out $250 with absolutely nothing to show for it.
This is how I see it as well. I haven't bought a spot yet, but am very tempted. Worst case scenario:

18 crappy autos ($2 each average) = $36
2 decent autos ($10 avg.) = $20

20 cards lots of decent players: Tebow, Cruz, Spiller, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Best, Suh, Graham, Bradford, Pierre, Tate, McCoy, Dwyer, Matthews, Decker, Lee, Thomas, and Brown (18 players at $4-$5 avg.) = $80

Then hang onto the others guys to see if they get hot.

That is worst case and it is $136. I'm sure you could make even more on the 20 card lots and if you hit even 1 decent auto, you come close to making your money back. On top of that you have a chance at the Super Bowl winner or backup.

You could even hold off on opening the case, see if you win or not, and then flip the case on ebay for a small loss. A case sells for about $215 dlvd on there. You would be out around $40 after all is said and done with fees.

Just some thoughts on it.....or maybe I'm trying to talk myself into buying....
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