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Originally Posted by FunDragon View Post
WOW... that is unbelievable. he claims he never received the card and then shows the card in his bucket, then claims it is a counterfeit copy. AND HE STILL WINs. I am all for buyer protection, but this is crazy.

We can go one more step and every one buy an item from this person and file a claim of EMPTY BOX received, see how he feels about that.
The one thing is that his post was before the claim, and the scan was the OP's original one.

Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
So how as a seller can you be fully protected?

By getting insurance?

Hk still harboring him? Haha
Oh seriously shut up. HK still harboring someone when they probably weren't even aware of anything? How are they supposed to know? I have sent them this thread so they can investigate. You really are ignorant sometimes.
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