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Originally Posted by mattdile3 View Post
I saw a tweet that 3 more options have been added.... Got really excited, and was all set to buy one, before I even knew what they were.... And then I get on my computer and one is a Benchwarmer (i thought this was a football promo)... The other is a $600 Baseball one (okay maybe this is a steal for all i know, but still at $600 to get in the promo while others are getting in at 225 seems kinda harsh).... And then 4 boxes of 2007 playoff contenders for $325...If it was 3 boxes for around $240, this would have been my choice... But again, the extra $100 just doesn't do it for me.... I'm gonna wait to see if it fills more, but I don't know, I think you could impress us a little more Blowout!!
I agree. I would totally buy in for 3 boxes of Contenders, or 3 boxes of a similar product.

What redemptions are in 2007 Contenders, btw? AP or Lynch?
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