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Originally Posted by chrismiller81 View Post
Just lost my case.. Imagine that.. LOL

Hi chrismiller81,

eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision.

We issued a full refund of $145.00 on Jan 05, 2013 to the buyer. As described in the eBay Buyer Protection program, the refund includes the purchase price, plus original shipping. This amount will be deducted from your PayPal account or charged to your preferred reimbursement payment method. The hold on this PayPal transaction has been removed. This case is closed.

This case has been decided in the buyer's favor.

The buyer claimed that they received an empty box.
Call them to dispute that!

Once a woman bought something from me and didn't update her address in paypal. I ship out the package and she realizes her mistake after package is sent, and emails me as if i could do something to stop it. she filed a claim and won, even after I sent them screen shots of her email about giving me the wrong address.

I called paypal up and they refunded me my money. I've gotten refunds twice after paypal has awarded buyer ridiculous claims. I honestly believe their policy is to always rule in buyers favor, but if seller disputes, refund them too.
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