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The only year that you don't really offer anything from is 2009....Nothing for the winners, and only a box of 2009 SP Authentic for the runners up....I'm a Jets fan so I really like 2009 products (Sanchez and Greene)... Plus Knowshon Moreno and Donnie Brown are both from my hometown and their Broncos/Colts RC autos are in those products too.... Therefore if any 2009 football hobby box lot is made, I will definitely pick at least 1 or 2 up tomorrow to help fill this before too many teams are eliminated.....

These are all general ideas, in line with the prices/discounts offered of the other 4 promo choices. Some might be more realistic than others but hey, the Donruss is a great deal so I guess it all depends on supply and demand. Obviously all prices are give and take to be determined by you guys, this is just a ballpark of what I feel like a lot of football collectors would like....

2009 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby 5-Box Lot - $224.95
2009 Donruss Elite Football Hobby 4-Box Lot - $224.95
2009 Playoff Contenders Football Hobby 4-Box Lot - $224.95 (sticking w/ contenders?)
2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Football Hobby 3-box lot - $224.95 (best for everyone)
2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Football Hobby 5-box lot $224.95 (clears stock)

2009 Bowman Chrome Football 6-Box Lot - $324.95 (fair price)
2009 Playoff Contenders Football 5-Box Lot - $324.95
2009 Topps Finest Football 3-Box lot - $324.95
2009 Topps Triple Threads Football 2-Box Lot - $324.95
2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Hobby Box - $324.95 (would sell like wildfire, i remember when these boxes are $299 a pop back in the day)

2009 Topps Triple Threads Football 4-Box lot - $599.95
2009 Upper Deck SP Signature 7-Box Lot - $599.95 (47.60 a box)
2009 Upper Deck Black Hobby 4-Box Lot - $599.95 (good deal for BO & customer)
2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic 8-Box Lot - $599.95
2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Hobby 2-Box Lot - $699.95

Anything remotely close to any of these and I'm in today....
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