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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
Says the guy crying to me because I mentioned him in a post...

If you guys think me providing reasonable logic is throwing a tantrum, there really is no hope for this forum....
no, it was because you made up lies in your hk post. for attention i guess, who knows. i have always found you to be one of the most irritating whiners on BO as every little thing seems to upset you. but i never thought you would stoop to lies and deceipt. you proved me wrong. have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you have had huge problems with so many members here? seriously i've never seen anyone get into as many girly spats as you. anyway i'm not interested in your quest for endless drama, so go ahead and have the last word. i'm sure you are contacting the mods crying about me even as i type this.
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