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Default Box of 2012/13 Black Diamond - Emerald Auto

In honor of the NHL's expected return, picked up my first box of any 2012-13 hockey product today - a nice box of 2012/13 Black Diamond. The results:

- Emerald auto - James Neal #5/10
- Ruby paralells #/100 - Kovalchuk quad; Jeff Carter
- Mario Lemieux base quad SP #217
- Dual jerseys - Loui Eriksson (white swatches); Drew Stafford (blue swatches).

Rookie Gems: Triple Diamond - Carter Camper, Kristopher Foucault, Michael Hutchison; Quad Diamond - Reilly Smith

Bonus Pack - Ice Rookie #/499 - Chet Pickard

Just haven't been motivated to break any new hockey until today. Black Diamond is always a decent product.
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