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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
How is it a gimmick if its a. Working b. being adopted by nearly every team at every level? I guess there should be rules that force teams to huddle and run stagnant offenses
It's gimmicky because none of the player who run it do a damn thing in the NFL. It won't transfer to the NFL because the QB's would be a bloody pulp by the time the Season would be over. Option read offenses work in college because the players aren't big enough to punish the RB's and QB's, they are in the NFL.

Look at RGIII tonight, he's not able to be the same player because he's talking unnecessary hits and he's not very big (he has to be slender, in order to be fast of course).

Chip Kelly made the right decision to stay in Eugene so he can keep recruiting track stars and win 0 national titles.
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