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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post

Like i said your threw a tantrum for what reason?

No one was excessively calling hobby king the home of scammers or whatever. It was brought up that he was still an active member there and you went beserk thinking it was some type of 'attack'.

Like I said stop the tantrum and go back to hobby kings if you want. You started this whole tirade.
Firstly, and once again, there was no trantrum. You're clearly trying to flame by using that term. And this is why I defended:

Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
Wonder if hobby kings will do anythig about him?
Originally Posted by dkrp456 View Post
You expect that trashy website to do anything? Please they have no morals or ethics over there, just keep it in their happy family dump and if anyone invades look for a reason to drive them away.
Originally Posted by murrke
HahaAha I know I was being a little facetious.
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