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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
Google facetious an tell me what the definition says. Like I already said it was a joke. If you don't like it then fine but to go on for 2 pages complaining about it is a tantrum especially when I said it was a joke and that I was just wondering if they would know and take action.

If you wanted to get mad at someone why did you reply to me. It seems like the other member you quoted actually said sometging against hk.
Can you ever let anything go?

My first post in this thread was sharing a similar experience with ebay being moronic, after saying "Only you guys could make this into a thread about HK....". I didn't reply to you until:

Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
So how as a seller can you be fully protected?

By getting insurance?

Hk still harboring him? Haha
HK still harboring him. Yeah, good one. Since they weren't aware of the thread or situation at that time, he was still a member. We then alerted them, but as I explained back then, you were being ignorant. And still are, clearly.

LET IT GO, the rest of us have made our peace.
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