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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
Can you ever let anything go?

My first post in this thread was sharing a similar experience with ebay being moronic, after saying "Only you guys could make this into a thread about HK....". I didn't reply to you until:

HK still harboring him. Yeah, good one. Since they weren't aware of the thread or situation at that time, he was still a member. We then alerted them, but as I explained back then, you were being ignorant. And still are, clearly.

LET IT GO, the rest of us have made our peace.
I think you need to let it go.

Like I said it was a joke. I used harboring to try and be funny. Sorry you didn't like my joke. Did you actually think I was saying hk was aware and protecting him?

On a ironic note I actually got a pm for a member after I posted that saying you specifically would be coming for me because I mentioned hk. And look what happened you freaked out and yes threw a tantrum over nothing. Congratulations on being able to let stuff go.
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