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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
So after this being settled you're insisting on bringing it right back up again aren't you...

You aren't funny. You are bitter about a forum you were banned from and poke at it any chance you can get. I have explained that they probably needed to be made aware, they have since been, and they have taken action.

Let me guess, cardsdownunder or OJ sent you the PM. If not them, then obviously someone else extremely bitter that they were banned. And you really need to learn what things mean if you're going to try to use them... tantrum? 'coming for you'? Yeah... someone is a bit too self-important isn't he...

You unfairly criticize something I'm a member of, I will defend it. It would be the same if you were talking about OCT, or the company I work for, or my sports team etc etc. Except you haven't been banned from any of those (as far as I'm aware...) so you have no reason to cause trouble, even if you are "joking".

Once again, this has been settled. HK did what they could when they were made aware. There is no need to go any further with this.
hairyangrygirl, can you PLEASE jump off my nuts? maybe just for a minute or two? they really need a break. they are sore as hell from you ridin' them all day long. while you're at it, can you maybe stop making up rubbish about me? how you have not been banned from this website is beyond me. i've never seen anyone try anywhere near as hard as you do to start drama and create conflicts with people. this thread alone is proof but there are countless others. you gotta be the loneliest bloke on the planet. this thread is about how the OP got scammed and what's being done about it. please be a decent human being and take your drama tour elsewhere
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