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yesterday, i realized when scanning my whole bichette collection, that i was missing a card (2012 Bowman Chrome Bichette Orange Ref /25, which was supposed to be a last minute addition to the sub added it right before i left my house for The Philly Show, i forgot to list in the OP, but i definitely listed it in the beckett sub sheet)

I went back and counted all the cards that were scanned into PhotoBucket, twice, and instead of getting back 273, we got back 272. I knew i paid for and the Beckett sales rep counted 273 cards out at the Beckett Booth.

needless to say, i called beckett this morning while on break @ work and asked if they had the card and if they could locate it. CS rep said something to the effect that we don't have a record of that card in our system, however, we had one card unaccounted for that was not sent out because it was not listed on our manifest.

it was a 2011 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout Refractor #175 BGS 9.5 SLAB # 7463102

i know i only had one listed on the sub sheet, JFray's. and looking at the post-grading sub list, it has to be JFray's card, it matches his slab's serial number run and it makes complete sense that way.

i can only assume, but can't verify this because i am still at work, that when i was adding my cards to the group submission box, instead of sending the orange bichette, i sent a trout refractor i got from the last group break of chrome. so the BGS 9 he has (matches my serial # run, kinda) is really mine and the BGS 9.5 must be his.

i'm still missing my orange bichette though, as it was not in the box it should have been last night.

the trout 9.5 should be delivered to me soon, and i'll have it out to Jfray ASAP.
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