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Originally Posted by cardsrus1 View Post
Actually Mark Boyer is the one in charge of "fixing" the errors. Best advice I can give is to keep clicking the "Wrong Data?" button at least once a day. Don't be shocked if it takes a month or more to get something fixed, Tim really needs to address this with Mark.
Thanks for the address. I think they'd really benefit from letting sellers fix their own cards, rather than having to rely on a single person to handle that. Especially if it's something as simple as an incorrect player name, but even fixing the set names should be workable. I'm just curious if their licensing deal with Beckett precludes them from use any other sources of checklist information. If that's the case, they're severely crippled as Beckett continues to ignore sets that aren't issued by the big 4 or 5 companies.

I've seen some Broder-style cards on the site before (and actually bought an oddball Hensley Meulens), so I know they've added non-Beckett stuff in the past. I'd like to know why they stopped.

I've got a LOT more stuff I'd like to send in, but not until I get some resolution on why 15 cards are being returned and another 9 are MIA.
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