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Default The 2013 Blowoutcards Roast of jlzinck - recruitment thread

Good evening everybody,

I had an idea 2 years ago to put together a Roast of a prominent member of this community. So, I asked the person I thought would be the most fun to roast, and he said yes. So ladies and gentlemen, 2 years we roasted CaptainBOHICA. Last year we roasted Tyler.

That was then. And of course I had a great time with it, and wanted to bring it back and do it again this year. I talked to some people, and it has been decided that the guest of honor will be jlzinck.

Here is how it will work:
I am looking for volunteers to participate in the roast, if you are interested after you read all of the guidelines, please post below. I am trying to get 8-10 people to participate or more.

The final list or roasters will be able to make one Roast post in a future thread for the occassion. The people they will be allowed to roast in their post include, the guest of honor jlzinck, and anyone else who is on the final roasters roster, and nobody else. If a member is not roasting, they cannot be roasted.

All roasts must adhere to Blowoutcards guidelines for posts, and must not be in poor taste. The whole point of this is to be a little mean to each other however, in a way so that nobody take anything said about them overly serious. The whole point of this is to have fun.

I will post a list of volunteers and a Final list of roasters in this thread. And remember if you roast jlzinck here, he gets a chance to roast you back at the end of the roast. After the final list is determined a future time frame will be set up for it to begin so that everyone has time to write material about all participants.

Thanks everyone, let's have a good time with this, and do it in a way so that it does not give the administration here a reason to delete it.

The Roast will not happen for at least a month, giving everyone an opportunity to write material. Exact date, TBD.

Bonus to roasters this year in addition to jlzinck, I am going to allow for any jokes about Haiku or the BODA (Blowout Detective Agency).

Guest of Honor

T minus 5

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