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The notion that people only want the Wrestling All Stars cards that are graded is simply crazy. I have bought nearly 2000 raw cards personally.

I guess you have never seen a sealed set of 82A or 82B sell. There are recorded sales of $1,700+ for a sealed 82A.

Anytime a strong raw example of any of the major stars hits EBAY there is significant interest. It may be true that most of these buyers are hoping to get them graded but the lack of third party grading is not stopping anyone from buying them.

The Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Andre The Giant cards are easily in the top 10 of any cards issued from the 80's and the only other base card that sells for more then Hogan in raw condition is the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan. I would say that puts it in rare company.

There is no doubt the grading element can add to the final selling price but try finding many raw cards from any sport that can command what these three do.

There may be a small niche group of people who want to own that Shayne Helms card but trust me there is 100 times as many who would rather own a nice Hogan.
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