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In an attempt to get the conversation started, and in the most objective way possible, I think a list would have to include, at a minimum, the following:

1) 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A Hogan
2) 1985 Topps WWF Hogan #1--I know its not a valuable card, but it is highly recognizable with the golden age and probably was many people's entry point into the wrestling card market
3) Undertaker War Booty autograph
4) 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A Andre the Giant
5) WCW Hogan Ringside Relic--to my knowledge, the first relic card produced in the genre
Honorable Mention 6) HHH off the mat autograph

Its hard to name a top 5, and I would imagine that there are some WCW autos that probably should grace this listing, along with perhaps something older such as the Flair Carnation Wrestling or maybe one of the autos out of the Wrestling Legends 1991 set. As an initial reaction, I would want to put the Hogan WCW autograph on here (or maybe the Sting), due to their importance during the Monday Night Wars, but I think people more knowledgeable of the subject should comment.
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