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The 1982 Wrestling All Stars Hulk Hogan is not a rare card you say.

There have been 52 examples graded by PSA and 13,292 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan's. Obviously with BGS grading both cards that number goes up some for the Hogan and a lot for the Jordan.

If this is not rare then I do not know what is. Basing rarity on some man made 1/1 or 1/10 is a mistake. Those cards are rare on purpose. There are a few exceptions to this rule but not many long term.

The Hulk Hogan card is rare for a number of reasons but most importantly they did not make very many and of those produced a number did not survive.

There is 0.039% of Hulk Hogan's to Michael Jordan's with PSA or 255 times as many however you choose to look at it. If there was as many Hulk Hogan's in circulation the price would be a fraction of what it is. There are not so the price stays high.

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