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If we want to include man made rarities in the discussion which they certainly should be then we should include low population graded cards.

For example, this is perhaps the most condition sensitive card from all three sets of the Wrestling All Stars. The Rick Martel like the Andre The Giant is the top card from the second set and there is only one PSA 8 and one PSA 9.

The 1982 Wrestling All Stars Andre The Giant PSA 9 has to be on a graded card list.

The first card in the 1983 set is the Superstar Graham card. This is a Pop 2 and extremely condition sensitive card.

The 1982 Wrestling All Stars Ric Flair card has to be considered and here is one of my PSA 10's.

The 1982 Wrestling All Stars Kerry Von Erich could be on some lists due to popularity and scarcity. This is a Pop 2 with no PSA 10's and by far one of my favorite cards.

The Carnation Wrestling cards are the most rare set from the 1980's and months can go by without a single card hitting EBAY. The Ric Flair is a major card.

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