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My cards...please shoot me the final price

2012-13 Gold Prizm Nikola Vucevic 3/10
2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck pink refractor auto 34/75
"""""""""""""""""""""" Andrew Luck Black refractor 113/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 184/199
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 139/199
Andrew Luck Black refractor 116/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 132/199
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 88/199
Andrew Luck Black refractor 115/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 100/199
2008 Topps Photo Shoot Derrick Rose auto
2012-13 Prizm Lebron base Refractor
2012-13 Prizm Damian Lillard base refractor rc

Is this a go? It hasn't been moved to active yet. I can't pay or ship until it does, I can add more if somebody drops out. LMK

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