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I looked up the definition of scarce and I think that is a fair assessment. Rare is even more limited then scarce and clearly the three cards mentioned would fit that bill.

The prevailing issue though is demand. If there is 10 of something and 20 buyers per say vs. 2,000 of something and 10,000 buyers you can get drastically different outcomes. It would be impossible to know the size of the market for older wrestling cards but it is fair to say there is a lot more interest in terms of the number of participants in the more modern cards and thus the market can adsorb a great deal more cards and still maintain a high price.

Obviously the older cards have a lower print run and an even lower number that have remained and I think there are many that are very cool. Rob the Wrestling Card King is active in the Parkhurst sets and those are the most condition sensitive wrestling cards I have ever seen. There are some awesome cards in those sets. The Chrusher Reggie Lisowski, Lou Thesz, Georgous George and many others.

If you really want to go back then of course the Frank Gotch cards and Strangler Lewis are important and issues like the Sport Kings featured wrestlers too.

I think it really depends on what you collect in how you view this list and this will cause you to vote in that direction so finding a reasonable consensus on the list is going to be tough.

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