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Originally Posted by jt16 View Post
My cards...please shoot me the final price

2012-13 Gold Prizm Nikola Vucevic 3/10
2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck pink refractor auto 34/75
"""""""""""""""""""""" Andrew Luck Black refractor 113/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 184/199
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 139/199
Andrew Luck Black refractor 116/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 132/199
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 88/199
Andrew Luck Black refractor 115/299
Andrew Luck Blue refractor 100/199
2008 Topps Photo Shoot Derrick Rose auto

Is this a go? It hasn't been moved to active yet. I can't pay or ship until it does, I can add more if somebody drops out. LMK

Yes we are a go. I just kept it in Open today for new members to join since i haven't heard from 2-3 members and want to make sure we have 100 since then we wont' get the discount. But i'll message to move it to active now. WE should have more than 100 even if some drop out.
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