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Hey everyone, not many know my story. But I figured this would be a good time to tell it in an effort to thank those for helping me get back into the hobby.

Growing up, im 27 now, I have always been a huge Braves fan. When I was living in Atlanta for 8 years and even when I was thousand miles away in Alaska or overseas in Iraq. Naturally during my youth I had binders full of cards. All sports, all teams. Even had cabbage patch kid cards! When I joined the Army in 2005 that was one of the things I took with me to my first duty station in Alaska, my cards collection. When I returned back from my second deployment in 2009, my buddies and I, whom I shared a storage unit with, discovered it had been broken into. Among many things stolen from the unit was my card collection. I was devastated and just plain mad. I hadnt bought a card since that day till August last year. Thanks to my wife who reminded me the joy that I got from the hobby. I then decided I was going to stick to one sport, one team. With a 2yr old and a wife being priority numbers 1 and 2 I couldnt go spending bookoo bucks on cards anymore. Topps Chrome had always been my favorite product, and after seeing forum member VThokies 2011 Braves team rainbow project I decided to start one of my own. All 12 players from the Braves in the 2012 topps chrome product from base to Super. I have a thread dedicated to it and have also just completed a display board to hang on my wall in my office displaying the hopeful rainbows to be. The real positive experience in this has been the help of forum members in my rainbow quest. A couple members pointed me in the right direction in finding the owner of the Tyler Pastornicky Superfractor to complete one of my 12 rainbows. I contacted Chris from cards infinity who actually posted the video of the card being pulled. He then contacted Ethan, and without me knowing, told him the story of my collection being stolen. I then got an email from Ethan saying thank you for my service and that he would mail me the Pastornicky as a thanks and to get my collection rolling again. I was and still am blown away by his generosity. I have never owned a true 1/1 and am truely grateful. Cant wait to recieve the card and put it on my display. So thanks to the three Forum members who helped, Chris at infinity and Ethan for the card. If I am to win this contest the 25$ and card will be given in appreciation to those who have helped. Glad I got to tell my story!
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