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Originally Posted by Zerokruel View Post
I looked into this and ran into some issues with getting allocations on MTG (distributor level).

The real problem with gaming cards, is that unless you play the game or you are current with tournament rules and what not - it's real hard to know what your doing. A card can be good one day, then be banned in tournament play and not be good the next day.

It's no where near as clear cut as sports and non-sport cards.
That is correct, and that's why if you do homework you can make great money. I've been buying/selling collections since 1994, and still try to do it. It's also about 40-50% revenue for all comic shops in the U.S. Gatecrash at $79 per box on distribution level is ok, as they'll easily sell for me at $110 locally. Not huge profits, but a no brainer. If you're going to get cases and open/sell, do it in groups of 4 cards of each of the same, but good luck lot of competition on ebay that way.
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