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I agree some of their products don't have that much value tied to them per box, but that has always been the risk ever since I've started collecting back in the early 90s as a kid. I remember buying a lot of boxes back in the day of Upper Deck, Topps, whatever and I don't think I ever ONCE got an equal value back out of the cards. If I would have just taken the money to a card show and spent the same money I did on the box I could have gotten 10x better cards. Now I only go to shows and pick up what I want and I spend way less then I would trying to break boxes. Yea, you never get that low numbered Kobe auto or what have you, but I'm ok with that, it's the trade off you make. If a box catches my eye I will pick one up, but few boxes do that, you have to be careful. After looking what they pulled on the panini blog in this stuff I knew there was no way I was breaking a tin. Only box I opened last year wsa certified, 3 autos, 3 mem, decent amount of other cards, $95 on blowout, pretty good deal to me and one of the only products I wanted to break so far.

I guess I don't like people feeling entitled to great hits. If there was a guaranteed monster hit in each case, and guaranteed value in it, then wtf would be the point, you are just paying for the known. Its the randomness and rarity that makes pulling a hit special to me. Those stupid cases of exquisite that have one lebron and one jordan auto per case are just dumb. If you are just paying for what you expect, then whats the point?

I do agree though that out of all the boxes this year, these seem to hold the least value from what i've seen so far, which is kinda lame.
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