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Originally Posted by panamamyers View Post
Has anyone ever done this before?
I know it's more popular over in the non-sports forum with movies and what not.
I was just wondering how one would go about doing this for football.

Where do you find the artist? What's the typical turnaround time on it? How much does it cost? Where do you find blank cards?
If anyone has any experience I would love to hear it.
I don't know a ton of people who do them, but my turn-around time is 24 hours from the time of payment, cost is based on how much detail you want in it, I personally find blank cards at the hobby shop, if you are interested in doing sketch cards I can give you some advice as far as pens/pencils and materials you would need just PM me...... if your interested in me doing one for you I did this one earlier this morning so you can get an idea of what one I did looks like

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