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Angry Craig Biggio is a 1st Ballot HOFer!!!!!!

The Baseball Writers acted like a bunch of teenage girls today trying to set an exapmple by not voting Craig Biggio to the HOF as a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer!

In my opinion they were dead set on no one getting in during this class to put Bonds and Clemens in their place. They wanted history to show that in the biggest PED class in history that no one was voted in, even if that meant innocent bystanders such as Jack Morris and Biggio would not get the required 75%.

Only two people that are eligible for the HOF in the 3,000 hit club that are not in are Pete Rose (Gambling) and Rafael Palmero (PED). The other player with 3,000 is Derek Jeter and the only difference between him and Biggio is Jeter was lucky enough to be drafted by the $2 Billion Yankees instead of the Astros (Astros top scout at the time Hal Newhouser quit after the Stros selected Phil Nevin in the 1st round instead of Jeter).

And for the writers who say some players are 1st ballot HOFers and some are not: you are either a HOFER or NOT! This is why no one watches baseball anymore and Football is America's Game!

OK, now that I've had my rant, I feel better...
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