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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
There was a place out in California that used to have full page adds in the SCD that was busted for selling fake autos back in the late 90s. They had 8x10s of anyone and everyone including celebs that were well below market price and sure enough all fake. I bought an Earl Campbell from them and got burned. The first lesson in autos is if its too good a deal you should avoid. It makes you wonder anymore about the card industry with autos as well. I've been skeptical ever since the UD fiasco and I sometimes wonder how many of my deceased HOFer autos are real. Authentication is all speculative anyway. Its not some exact science as even the best in the business get fooled or disagree from time to time.
This is the company I am talking about. I can't for the life of me rember their name. They were huge, and they did it for a while.
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