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Originally Posted by SacGWYNN19 View Post
One thing is for clear here. The Magoofs, for the first time, are considering to actually sell the team which has been the one thing they have refused all along. The bottom line, is $500MM seems like a crazy offer. But net to the Magoofs is less than $210MM. Far less than what they are looking for and now not so crazy, but more of an insult. Mayor Johnson is now trying to put together his own group to potentially purchase the team, keep in mind $80MM of the $500 would have gone directly to the city. Taking that into account, it would take far less of a nut to come up with.

So, after 18 months, we have had the Sacramento Kings, Anaheim Kings, Sacramento Kings, Virginia Beach Kings, Sacramento Kings and now Seattle Kings. Until they are gone, I will continue to have faith even though I do not support the current ownership group in any way.

It would be sad to take the only pro team from this city, which has had two of the most impressive sellout streaks in the history of the NBA. The first of which was with teams that absolutely sucked. Sacramento gets more fans to their AAA baseball games than some MLB teams on many nights.
This I agree with. Seattle already has the Mariners and Seahawks. I get that people are mad at Clay or whatever, but the Kings are a great franchise (dem C-Webb/Peja/Bibby teams!) and Sacto's only pro team.
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