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Biggio has no tangible evidence connecting him to steroids. 3000 hits is an incredible accomplishment, and he should have gone in.

If there is reason to suspect Biggio, why not Rickey Henderson or Dennis Eckersley? Rickey Henderson saw the biggest power spike of his career after age 30, while being Jose Canseco's teammate. Am I saying he did it? No, but I would not be shocked if it eventually came out that he did and I really wouldn't care either way. Look at Eck's numbers pre and post Canseco... it's telling really. What about Goose Gossage's #'s in his one year with Canseco?

I, for one, have no problem electing steroids guys to the Hall of Fame. The Hall is a museum and its a shame that the greatest power hitter and pitcher of all time by the numbers are not in. We can't ignore history, even the negative parts of it. The Hall is full of guys who were drunks, racists, womanizers, amphetamine users etc. Why is moral character as a criteria limited to the use of steroids? Ty Cobb, there was a guy with great character.

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