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Care to make a case why he is a HOFer that doesn't include the fact that he got 3000 hits?

Here's my argument for why he is NOT an HOFer:

-Only finished in the top 5 in MVP voting twice in twenty years, and never in the top 3.
-Only was an All-Star seven times in twenty years
-Only finished in the top ten in WAR twice in twenty years.
-Only ranked in the top ten in OPS once in twenty years.
-Was a net negative WAR player (-0.2) over the course of his final three seasons, during which he collected his final 421 hits and passed the 3000 hit mark.
-Was only a career .281 hitter, meaning that his 3000 hits were a product of getting tons of AB as the Astros leadoff hitter, rather than being a particularly good hitter. All the other members of the 3000 hit either hit over
.300 for their career or have 400 HR except for four players: Kaline (399 HR, .297 avg), Rickey Henderson & Lou Brock (special cases because of their SB), and Robin Yount (who I don't think should be in the HOF).
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