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Default Custom Card Questions

Ok, I realize that some of you on these boards actually make a bit of money crafting custom cards for people, so I'm not asking for anyone's secret recipes here. Just a little advice.

I've created a few dozen custom cards myself and had them signed TTM. Lots of really cool success stories and some really heartfelt letters in response. Because I'm currently getting my M.A. in History, the cards I've made have been almost exclusively for other historians, scientists, and other members of academia. Few of the people I've sent requests to have ever seen them selves on a card or imagined that anyone cared about their signature. My personal favorite historian actually passed away before I could mail his card out and so I sent it to his widow as a memorial token and received a heartfelt letter in response that now means more than his autograph would have.

My questions come because so far I've had to sent my designs off to be printed and I'd like to do my printing in home to have more freedom to experiment and correct typos/errors. I'm really looking to make three types of cards:

- Older looking cards similar to the Mars Attacks reprints (Kinda thicker and almost "crumbly?").
- "Memorabilia" cards, which would involve gluing multiple layers together. (My dad's at the end of his cancer battle and I'd like to be able to preserve some stuff in a small way)
- Metallic cards, similar to the chrome and prism cards today. (Everybody likes shiny things)

I realize I'll need a straight feed printer and a source for 20+ pt. cardstock, looking to see if anyone has any recommendations. This is kinda of an open call to what info I can gather, so if you can post a youtube link or your own thoughts or put my in contact with someone who'd be glad to talk, it'd be appreciated.

I've attached a few images of some signed customs I've made.
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