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Originally Posted by pigeonsbaseball View Post
OK so there is a ZERO gold prizm per box average? So that means that there is no golds per box. This was hobby right?

Lay out your case breaks for us. I'm just having a hard time seeing 0 golds per box and average $1 auto's. so please give us some stats.

How many cases of Prizm have you broken?
How many golds / prizms did you and who did you get?
Who were the auto's that you got?

Really looking forward to seeing your breaks because they are not even close to what I've seen broken so far....
I haven't opened any cases cause I don't like Panini BK products in general.

My friend pulled zero golds in his case, his only "group A" auto was a Kobe, after the break, he said he felt like he was prizm-raped.
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