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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
None. Outside of the absurd exquisite GOD following can you name a UD product that can garner a $10k card in the past 3 yrs? Dont give me any excuses on 2003 because it has had a decade to hype it.

But I can sit here and tell you a $5/pack product by fleer put out a $100k card in a pmg green. Could UD do that with a $5/pack?

Therefore Fleer must have been better than UD correct?

Way to sum up a race between UD vs Panini based on 1 product. Im in hopes the death of UD finally kills off the money hungry mongers left in the hobby that poach on collectors by bilking them of money using their fake hype. UD created these monsters that ruined the hobby. Lets hope they take them with them once they are gone for good.
PMG Green Jordans sold for over 10k and all without an NBA license.
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