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Originally Posted by benshobbies View Post
Why do we need two threads on this? If you don't like a product why don't you just stick to singles. All products can't be winners and all aren't. Buying cards is a gamble in a way because you don't know what is inside the packs. You got what was promised on the outside of the box, right? So you should be happy with it and move on. If you don't like the value a certain product provides, don't buy it!

You don't have to bust everything these card companies put out. You also don't have to feel to be a slave to have all the cards from all the products. I've made more money by being picky and choosey about which products to open. Most boxes only have a 50% ROI on them. Not every box has a Kobe or a Lebron auto in it or they wouldn't be valuable.

Correction a negative 50% roi on them.
There's nothing more I dislike when a football/baseball guy ventures over to our hobby and forum and tells us to quit b*tchin. They just don't understand.. just don't understand..
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