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Originally Posted by drob50 View Post


It is nothing to do with personal opinions of the designs anymore! It is all about 'return on investment'.

In one thread, you see people post that David Lee is one of the best PF's at this very moment, then in another you see someone complain that the auto of him they pulled is a 'scrub auto'!

Or that James Harden is the next 'best SG in the league' but his cards are not enough to be the hit of a box???

It is the collectors that are ruining the value in the boxes!
I want you to point out where in this forum someone has pointed out David Lee in a recent product and called him a scrub.. Same goes for James Harden..

Matter of fact, busting, especially basketball, has ALWAYS been this way. Generally, collectors pick out singles and investors buy cases, and it will always stay this way. So, the consumer has been the same way for decades; so what's caused all of this commotion and complaints? The product..
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