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Originally Posted by justinhiggs View Post
Biggio at 291 had almost 100 more home runs than Larkin at 198... and 40+ more steals than Larkin. Biggio Rbis 1175- Larkin 960.... Biggio far better hitter.

Biggio wins.

that is absolutely false. Far better hitter??? I know it shows you from Houston but you need to be realistic. He is 14 points lower in career average to Larkin and you can account for his difference in stats like you stated above purely because Biggio had nearly 3500!! more plate appearances during his career. That is right around 5 more SEASON worth of ay bats to give Biggio those numbers.

Larkin was better career-wise in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging.... And if you go by averages per full season Larkin had a better average RBI total than Biggio as well but because of longevity. If Biggio and Larkin had equal amount of plate appearances it would clearly show Larkin as a slightly better hitter than Biggio
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