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that was an amazing case, probably about the best case produced other than ones with jordan autos, some cards sell more now than in 07-08, many sell for more then than now, those 2 durant parallels when he was on fire in the hobby wouldve been worth a lot more then than now, but theyre worth more now than in 07-08 so it probably all balances out.

although the 2 maravich's definitely wouldve been worth a ton more in 07-08 when he was just starting to have some cards. his dont sell for nearly what they did back then. in 07-08 the /25 probably wouldve been $100+ and the /10 wouldve probably been $150-$200+.

at one point in time this was a good product for the price, i think it was at right around $40 at one point, maybe even a little less, it seems to be $110 now so quite a difference.

post scans of the patches & the best cards!
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