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Default CALLING OUT kparpart

I really do hate to do this.....I'm not trying to destroy anyone's rep. Actions will do that.

Here's a link to the sale thread. My last post explains a little.

Basically another member agreed to buy this lot and stalled all day. I was next in line for it and offered to pay the full amount, but the OP wanted to wait and give that person a little longer. I sent many emails maintaining my interest and informed the OP I would have to pay when I got home from work since he wanted to wait longer. I did tell him to hurry up as I didn't want to wait any longer and I could pay right then. Keep in mind the original buyer only offered $70 and I offered the full price. The original buyer never came through and apparently gave some excuse. I can't confirm or deny this though.

OP did not get back to me until after I went to work. I paid immediately when I got home and responded to his message in which he stated that it was mine. My money was then refunded, and the OP sent me a message saying that he was sorry for the problems but since I had no interest anymore, he sold the lot to a buddy. Which he did in a quick sale to the first person who could pay quickly. NO INTEREST?? I was at work and I mentioned this in my email and was more then willing to pay before I went to work.

I then received a message tonight asking about this farce and was told the same stuff with "I'm not stepping on anyone's toes over a $75 lot"..yet he could not give the original buyer or me more then a few hours to pay. He knew I was at work per my messages. It's only a $75 lot right? Consider my toes stepped on.

Needless to say, I won't be dealing with kparpart ever again and wish him the best in his future endeavors. On another note, I do remember reading somewhere that quick sales needed to be $50 & under. Also, in every deal I've ever done here...24 hours is fairly standard waiting time. Maybe I'm wrong. Once again, I apologize for complaining and using this forum to chastise someone. It's not my way. I'm a peaceful warrior, but this deal compelled me to speak up.

Peace & Love to all.

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