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Originally Posted by Booshwacka View Post
Done many deals with kparpart. Never had any issue. They have actually all went very well.

To me a quicksale means they need the money 'quick'. It is ultimately the sellers choice how long he/she wants to wait on a response. If someone took to long and the seller decides to move on, that is his/her choice to do so.

We have all had a situation where we do wait for someone to reply for a sale and they never respond.

I would not be upset about it. You took to long to pay so the seller so he moved on. I see nothing wrong with that.
I couldn't have said this any better if I'd said it myself....oh wait, I did....time and time again. Thanks for the backup my friend and yes, Mr. Wacka and I have had many smoooooooth transactions here on this Forum. I ALWAYS give my customers/friends the upside on every and any deal/transaction.
Have a good day Sir
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