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Originally Posted by Booshwacka View Post
Done many deals with kparpart. Never had any issue. They have actually all went very well.

To me a quicksale means they need the money 'quick'. It is ultimately the sellers choice how long he/she wants to wait on a response. If someone took to long and the seller decides to move on, that is his/her choice to do so.

We have all had a situation where we do wait for someone to reply for a sale and they never respond.

I would not be upset about it. You took to long to pay so the seller so he moved on. I see nothing wrong with that.
If he needed the money so "quick" he would not have waited almost a full day for the first guy to pay. What is funny is that he was "nice" enough to try to do the "right" thing and wait so long for someone who has a history of backing out. But when so,eome comes along ready to pay, he refused to afford him the same courtesy.
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