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Originally Posted by CollectorMan View Post
I'm glad you feel good about your friends backing you despite none of them being involved in any way. I've always loved responses here for prominent members "I've dealt with him before and it was great, so no chance the said person could make a mistake.". It's a very convincing statement that I hear over and over on here. I'm not trying to win any argument. I'm just stating what happened. IMO your actions were a bit shady. Bring all your friends in to tell us how great you are. And i'm sure you're fraking fantastic. Fact is, IMO you were a bit shady with that decision. I have no grudge against you. They were you're cards, I just didn't like what you did. I'll keep saying it, because I'm a jerk when shadiness is upon me. Leave it at that and I will. Good luck.
Again man, in no way what I did was shady. I posted "Quicksale".....thus the reason for immediate payment. I received multiple PM's for the first buyer saying he was going to purchase the lot for the FULL price asked.....thought I'd be nice and do the right thing and wait for payment. Boy was I wrong....
Quite frankly I don't really care if this drags on....let it. The longer the better, so all can see how childish it was of you to "call" someone out because you didn't get what you wanted. Well I'll tell ya what bud, if I was to "call someone out" on here everytime something didn't go my way, it'd be he11. Again, I thanks you ALL for the comments and have a great day.
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