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Originally Posted by popmaz View Post
No. But it certainly does not justify you screwing over the OP. I know what I have read about the situation, including the PM's posted.....and you should not be surprised, you made the conscious decision to be patient with one member and less so with the next. But hey, it's your card, you can sell it to whoever you want, no matter if anyone thinks it is shady or not.
That's very true....I can sell it to whomever I want. Still, I chose to do the right thing....or which I thought was the right thing, no, I never screwed over the OP, he's def doing a pretty good job of making it seem that way though. Like I said before, if it was anyone that got it in the end here, it was me. Before making the decision to move on, I consulted with another "higher ranking" member on this forum for both wisdom and direction as to what/how to go about this....he too agreed I should move on to the next in-line, so I I get rediculed for it. Boy, this'll be the last time I do another QS thread....lemme tell ya, it didn't even end up being so "quick" anyhow. I remember back in the day when all we needed was a good ole handshake... and I'm serious. I guess the next time when I post a QS thread, I'll have to put in there, "it's a quicksale" and I need the paypal immediately, but you can pay me at your leisure. It is what it is.
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