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Originally Posted by IamRalpho View Post
Wasnt really at you, but the other poster. I was too lazy to search for his original psot.
I agree that you don't get in based on post-season or 2/3 of the Yankees would be HOFers.

Schilling was a very good pitcher, but not a legend. 5 years of more than 15 wins to me does not look like HOF numbers.

I know you can start quoting all kinds of sabremetric stats, but I just don't see it. And 3000 strikeouts to me is a worthless stat. A strikeout is just a step better than a ground ball to third. But the ground ball to third could be a double play.

By no means do I think Welch is a HOFer, but some of his numbers are similar which is why I mentioned him.
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