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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
Stop giving me wins because it's 2013 and using them to judge a player is ridiculous. And I'm not going to bother looking at the Cy Young as well because this guy pitched during the years guys like Johnson, Clemens, Martinez, etc. also pitched, some of the best ever and it's unfair to judge him solely against some of the best of all-time during the years he pitched against the baseball population, which we should we doing. And again, we've seen how votes go, I would have voted Trout MVP last year without a second though but he did not win the award others voted for - I'm not holding that over his head when he clearly put up the most value.

What I see: 3.46 ERA (7th during the years he played for pitchers with 3k+ IP), 86.1 WAR (fourth best, behind who? Clemens, Johnson, Maddux), 8.60 K/9 (third best), 1.96 BB/9 (third best), 3261.0, etc. He carried awesome rates for over three thousand innings (second best strikeout to walk ratio of all time), sorry that his totally independent wins aren't up to snuff.
Quite simply, I still see wins as an important number. The question is, will the HOF voters see it the same way. This year they did. It might change in the future.
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