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This is a prime example of 2 important criterias when handling transactions.

1. Lack of communication
2. Lack of patients.

Looks like the buyer and seller pay and send their ends. Just seems like patience didnt take place and frustrations happend.

Most important part of integrity on buying/selling is communications and ethics. If someone needs money NOW, state it. If its not stated, I dont see an issue with having to wait a day to get paid. But then again, Im pretty sure I wouldnt feel that way if the last person hosed me for a day and not paying.

Fence sitting this one. Just bad timing on both sides of decent traders.

This is not as bad as what I have to deal with. Ill see someone put up a card for sale at $100. Someone backs out and I offer to buy it and they want to charge me specifically $140. I decline and the card is back up for sale at $100. Now thats a kick in the balls!
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