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Default Random thought for a new insert set

You hear it all the time: What would team X be like if they had taken so-and-so in the draft instead of the other so-and-so. Look at this QB who was drafted in the 6th round by New England who is going to be a HoFer!

You hear the guys on ESPN talk about what a draft shaped up like, and how if they redrafted knowing what they know now... blah blah blah.

Well, what if one of the companies actually did a Re-Draft set? With all the things they can do to air-brush cards etc, wouldnt it be rather easy to have Adrian Peterson holding up a Raiders jersey? Maybe the Seahawks want a mulligan for Aaron Curry and draft LeSean McCoy? And then there's Tebow...

I think it'd be fun & interesting to take just the first round for the past 5 years and redraft with all the players from that draft to see what they'd look like in other jerseys.

Obviously we're looking at an insert set, maybe base cards /500. Then you could do various parallels, the typical /100, /50, /25, /1. But I think the real interesting part would be the autographed versions.

I'm saying all autos /50, but then there's a die cut version #'d to the players draft position. So in the 2007 version, most likely AP is a 1/1, Calvin /2, etc. Go all E-X Credentials style on this. I think this would add not only a HUGE collectablity to the autos, but an pretty high value as well. If the highest die cut auto is /32, and you know its going to be a decent name, dont you think those kinds of cards would bring in some decent $$ on the secondary market?

I do realize there are some logistical problems, as in guys who dont/wont sign, a really crappy draft class, etc. But I'm really just trying to think outside the box and throw an idea out there that I havent heard beaten to death a million times over.

So what do you guys think? Should I start polishing up my resume and send it to Panini?
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