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Never have seen too many of Killebrew's but that is beautiful!! Have not seen the "Unit's" yet either, but he was the first player I started my first ever "true" pc with last year in 2012. Snagged one of his psa 10 upperdeck rookies as a starter. I had read in someone elses thread that was a pretty solid card to pick up and I have always liked Randy, and for the price I was very pleased. A sig card of Randy would be a sweet pick up for my next addition, thanks for the tip. Too the guy i called Dr. Phil (sorry if you are bald, a lot of us are) but you just came off wrong I guess, and if I interpreted you wrong, I was just going off you saying " you would do the same" when you hardly know us. So my bad if i offended you. Cheers to the hobby, great sigs, and getting to bs with fellow guys and gals who love this also (one of my favorite parts)
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